Karin Wiberg
Karin Wiberg

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My exhibition around the world




MIDORI.so2 | Tokyo

Atelje #II


About me

Karin Wiberg

I´ve always been fascinated by the primeval forest, its mystique, the genuine source, the dangerous and unknown, the beautiful and delightful.

The little smile in the corner

Karin Wiberg is incredibly adept at capturing that astonished expression in her sculptures. The slightly raised her eyes, sensed the tension in the face that occurs when listening intensly and trying to sort sounds. The little smile in the corner of her mouth when the penny dropped down

Tor Billgren, Sydsvenska dagbladet

On the border

Karin Wibergs sculptures exist on the border. The border between animal and human, between nature and culture, between time and eternity. They are still but exude power. They close their eyes and see. In our encounter with them we are reminded of which is greater.

Lena Sjöstrand, Cathedral Chaplain, Ph.D Lund Cathedral

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